Best Settings For PPSSPP Gold (Complete Guide)

More than PSP games people are now playing Android games and the reason is pretty simple and everyone knows it, because of the easy accessibility of Android phones everywhere. And that is the sole reason emulators got so much popularity, now along with Android games we can get access to other desktop and OS games on Android through PPSSPP Gold APK.

In this article, I will discuss the best settings of PPSSPP Gold to play your favorite games without any problem.

Best Settings for PPSSPP GOLD ON Android

Best Settings for PPSSPP Gold

This emulator sports almost every game no matter how heavy it might be, but remember one thing and that is your phone must have the latest Android version, higher RAM, and good Storage Space to avoid any issues.  

On top of the emulator, you will see the Games options where you can explore all the games available. And at the right corner of the screen the option of settings is available, go to the setting menu to start doing the best settings for PPSSPP Emulator. 

Main Screen of Emulator

Best Graphics Settings for PPSSPP Gold

Remember that the requirements for every game keep changing, so it’s better you read the requirements and change the options accordingly. You only have to change one or two options the rest will remain the same always, so don’t worry.

For example, some games run better on OpenGL (Open Graphic Library), while others work better on Vulkan. Both of these are the backend options. If you ask me which one is better then I said Vulkan because of its awesome performance.

Now let’s explore further settings,

Note: These are general settings that work very well on the majority of the games but if you face any problem and are not able to find the solution you can comment or ask here.

  • Select Vulkan at this point, but if the game support only OpenGL then change the option to OpenGL.
  • The second option is the selection of Mode. Here you get two options, the first one is skip buffer effects and the second is buffer rendering. Select buffer rending for now to get the best performance.
  • The next option is “frame skipping” Turn it off because you are playing it on an Android phone, so there is no need to turn this option on. But if you are using the PPSSPP gold for PC then turn it on so that it can auto-adjust the screen size. Another tip for PC (click on the “display layout editor” and here select the stretching option, this way all the games will run in full-screen mode). 
  • Enable render duplicate frames to 60 Hz which makes the game fragments smoother. 
  • The next option is graphics setting is “rendering resolution”. Many up-to-date smartphones can handle up to 5x PSP rendering, but I suggest you select 1 or 2x PSP rendering. 
  • Now enable the lazy texture caching (speedup) and disable the slow effects (speedup) option.
  • And not forget to automate the texture filtering option and turn off the lower resolution effect.

Best Controls Settings

Just disable the Button Opacity or make it 0% and make sure you disabled all the options related to the network to enjoy a smooth lag-free gaming experience. 

Audio and Tools Settings

The default settings of both the audio and tools are perfect, there is no need to change any options here. So just leaves it. Moreover, some old Android phone doesn’t support audio while playing games, the screen will stuck at some point because of it.

Audio Settings of PPSSPP GOLD

System Settings for PPSSPP Gold

In the system or developer options by enabling certain options you can do certain changes to better the performance of the emulator. Enable the below options for more optimal results:

  • Fast Memory (Unstable)
  • Ignore Bad Memory accesses
  • I/O on thread
  • Now change the CPU clock speed and select 333 MHz. 
  • After that change the value of the rewind snapshot frequency to 60%. 
System Settings options Image


That’s all for now, hope you get the things I have explained, After that you will be able to use PPSSPP Gold with its actual performance without facing any issues. If you have any further queries you can ask me here or check out PPSSPP Gold for iOS. Remember me in your prayers and do not forget to share it with your friends!

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