Release DateVersionSizeDownload Link
08/08/20201.5.431.47 MBDownload Now
03/11/20201.628.36 MBDownload Now
15/11/20201.6.132.88 MBDownload Now
15/05/20211.6.231.46 MBDownload Now
11/07/20211.728.45 MBDownload Now
18/07/20211.8.031.65 MBDownload Now
11/08/20211.931.46 MBDownload Now
17/11/20211.1031.65 MBDownload Now
18/12/20211.1127.81 MBDownload Now
28/12/20211.12.231.65 MBDownload Now
01/02/20221.12.322.87 MBDownload Now
01/03/20221.1321.99 MBDownload Now
03/05/20221.13.122.85 MBDownload Now
09/06/20221.13.230.94 MBDownload Now
11/08/20221.1422.16 MBDownload Now
14/11/20221.14.121.45 MBDownload Now
20/11/20221.14.224.45 MBDownload Now
23/11/20221.14.423.65 MBDownload Now
01/05/20231.1518.84 MBDownload Now
05/05/20231.15.128.19 MBDownload Now
07/05/20231.15.328.11 MBDownload Now
23/05/20231.15.418.64 MBDownload Now
ppsspp gold apk old version

Why you need PPSSPP GOLD APK Old Versions?

As technology evolves devices and software also need upgradation to merge their self within the industry.

Since the launch of PPSSPP GOLD for Android, there are many new technologies that are invented in the industry of games and apps and are still evolving.

To be an industry leader in the field of emulators PPSSPP GOLD APK also needs to upgrade.

But some people are still using old mobile phone devices which have a lower specification set as compared to new devices. So, we have collected All old versions of the PPSSPP GOLD APK for our users. And as a new version is launched, we will update it with the old version.

Final Words

The above table consists of almost all important and searched old versions which are published from its first release. If you need any other version and have any queries and if a file is not working you can comment below. Thanks!

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