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Although there are tens of thousands of PSP games that you can enjoy through this emulator, that is the biggest reason for its huge popularity these days. And that is why I decided to list down some of the best PPSSPP Gold Games For Android, so the newbies, who don’t know much about which game to play, can pick the one from here. Moreover, you can play all these games on both the old and new versions, if you don’t know the difference between PPSSPP and PPSSPP GOLD, just click here.

List of Top 10 best PPSSPP Gold Games For Android

1. Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines 

In the list of best games, I am placing it in the top position, and the reason it’s a huge fan following, according to Google figures, 96% of users like this game. It was released in 2019, and from that day till today, the number of downloads is increasing. It is an action-adventure game where players complete the missions and kill every enemy that appears in their way. And the best feature of this game is the huge map area and thrilling gameplay. 

Moreover, here you will also enjoy a complete storyline, and multiple characters appear who either need help, which means telling you the information of your next mission or helping you find the way out of a difficult situation. I suggest you if you are new to this game, if you want to win all the missions, then focus on strategy building, and attack the enemy mostly from its back, so you can easily annihilate all of them. 

2. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Just like the upper-defined game, it is also an action-adventurous game and the 3rd in the series of God of War games. Contrary to the other two parts, this one contains additional attractive locations, more advanced graphics, unlocking new fighting styles, and more unique mythological figures are also added to it. That is why this game is also among the top most-played games of all time. 

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is based on a complete storyline where the protagonist is on the mission of saving his brother from the enemies, and on the way, he will face a lot of challenges. The makers put a huge consideration on the detailing of this game, which makes it pretty unique among all other games. Here our protagonist visits multiple locations, fights with bulk horrified giants and cuts the throats of all bad evils. 

3. Burnout Legend

It is a car racing game and best for car lovers because players will enjoy all the modern racing cars we all see in real racing. For most people driving a racing car is a dream, but due to unaffordability, they can’t experience this joy. However, now with this game they can, here players will enjoy the same graphics of racing tracks with tens of thousands of people watching them. Furthermore, this also contains realistic physics, so while watching, players will also watch the accidents happening as well, which makes it pretty life-like. In this game, you won’t face any downtime or lagging in the controls, it runs quite smoothly on PPSSPP Gold Apk

4. Daxter

It is best for players who don’t like dark horrified graphics in action games. Although it is also an action game that is based on the story of two friends, Jack and Daxter, players enjoy the role of Dexter in it and find its friend Jack. This game also has a wide map area, so to cover it all here, you use vehicles, pass the hurdles by jumping and search each and every corner. It is also good for children as well, because it does not have any bad graphics at all.

Also, keep in mind that the journey is not that simple, players will face a lot of hurdles in it. As this game is based on animal characters, the enemies are also animals like cockroaches, dragonflies, and many big and small other creatures. Furthermore, in the Daxter game, players will enjoy the jungle locations, fully green lands, waterfalls, and many other places that would seem quite attractive and nice to play. 

5. LocoRoco

This game was first released in 2006, and it proved a huge success, and only due to that, the makers have released the updated version later on as well. It is quite an interesting game because of the fun graphics and a complete storyline where our main animated character that looks more like a squeezing ball, meets with other friends, changes its appearance, and fights with the aliens. 

After seeing the trailer, you might think that this game is especially for children, but that is not all right. More than children, adults like this game because it makes them relaxed. Here players get to know a bunch of different characters, but one thing is common in all of them, and that is their funny appearance, which seems quite cute to everyone. Furthermore, it is also a pretty diverse game with 40 different maps and 5 different worlds to enjoy, and each and every one of them is designed with professionalism. 

6. Mega Man Powered Up

It is one of the best games of all time, although some might find this game a little bit old, its gameplay still attracts many. It was first released back in 2006, and since then, with the advancement of technology, the makers have released many of its updated versions, only to make sure it will be compatible with all the latest devices. Therefore, while downloading, make your that’s the updated version of this Mega Man Powered Up Game. 

This game consists of different stages/levels, and to go through all of them, you have to dodge different obstacles. Here all the stages are designed in a different manner, so players will face unique difficulties every time, and among all of them, the biggest challenge for players is to annihilate the boss in it that has the highest power, and that is why it is more difficult to overcome. 

7. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

As we all can read through the name, it is a puzzle-solving game that is combined with RPG elements, which makes the whole game a pretty unique one. Just like we see in the most famous candy crush game, here, players match different gems, chocolates, candies, peanuts, and many other edible things.

Now I will explain to you how this game is infused with the RPG, and the answer is that here when you match any of three items, the character you have selected will cast spells, and each combination of three same items has its own unique abilities. Here by solving the puzzles, you will unlock different characters, conquer new worlds and do many other exciting things. 

8. Spider-Man 3

Almost everyone is familiar with the name of superheroes, and when we get the opportunity of controlling them in the games, that excites everyone. That is why there are a bunch of games available which depict superman, batman, and others. And this is one such game where you see Spiderman jumping from one building to another and fighting with the enemies. 

It is one of those few games where you don’t see any introduction when the first time you start playing it, the fight will start, so be ready when you start playing this game. Also, this game has pretty interesting animations and a bunch of different enemies. Sometimes players have to fight with a horde of enemies in single combat. 

9. Tekken 6

The Tekken series is still pretty popular, and we all know that there are multiple competitions happening all over the world where the winners get multiple prizes and international acclamation. Moreover, you can play not only Tekken 6 but all its other parts as well on this PPSSPP Gold Emulator. 

Tekken 6 is a fight-action game where players unlock different sorts of characters having unique fighting styles. And all the characters represent different parts of the world, here you see Brazilian women, robotic girls, and many others. As it is the updated version of this game, that is why here you see excellent graphics and pretty crazy character designs. 

10. GTA 5

Although it is a pretty old game, people still love to play it because of its open-world nature. Here our character enjoys driving multiple vehicles such as cars, trucks, tankers, etc. Moreover, players can also fly helicopters and drive the jet ski as well, in simple words, almost every sort of thing that a player can imagine is available to enjoy in it. 


Do we have to pay for all these 10 games?

No, all these upper-defined games are free to download, just search them on Google and you will easily find them.  

Can we play these games on PC?

Yes, PPSSPP Gold Emulator works on PC as well, for more information click here.

Final Words:

I have done quite a bit of research and then picked the top 10 best PPSSPP Gold Games For Android. Remember that there are tens of thousands of games available to play on PPSSPP Gold Apk, and every one of them has unique gameplay, so if you think these 10 are the only best games that will play on the PPSSPP emulator, then you are wrong. 

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