PPSSPP vs PPSSPP Gold – What is the Difference?


I know it is a very common question whenever people hear about PPSSPP Gold Emulator because they mostly know only about one emulator, and that is the original PPSSPP one. So, if you are also one of them, then for you, I will cover PPSSPP vs PPSSPP Gold, a complete guide, in this post. 

What is the difference between PPSSPP Gold and PPSSPP?

Simply put, the PPSSPP Gold is the updated version of the original PPSSPP. We all know that with the passage of time, updates appear in every app. And the reason is that the makers wanted to provide a more secure, bugs-free, enjoyable experience to its users, and this updated version has all the features that the previous version lacks. Moreover, the users’ complaints have also been addressed in this updated version. That is why by downloading this PPSSPP Gold Apk, you will enjoy the best gaming experience. 

Features that this Updated Version has:

  1. Faster Speed:

Contrary to the normal version, this one has a faster speed, even the heavy games that sometimes get stuck would run quite smoothly in it. 

  1. Higher Resolution Graphics:

We all know that technology is getting updated every single day. Now is the time of ULTRA HD graphics, and the game without it won’t get public attention. However, it is not just the games, the emulator also has to be supportive of higher resolution, in case you want to play PSP games on PC, Android or any other platform through this emulator, then you will get an excellent graphical experience, and this updated version is completely supportive of ULTRA HD graphics. 

  1. Turbo Button Feature: 

It is a pretty interesting feature that is best for beginners. As you know that every game has its specific speed, and newbies mostly face issues with it but not after this feature. With this, they can slow down the speed of the games until they get to know how to play any specific game at normal speed properly. 

  1. Support More Platforms: 

With this emulator, you can enjoy a wide range of games from multiple platforms without any difficulty. Quite interesting though? 

  1. Free from Bugs:

This updated Gold version is also completely free from bugs, and the makers also increased its security in it. So, users will never face any issues with it. 

I am sure this post has addressed all your issues and doubts about this Gold Emulator. I have personally used it, and I am saying, according to my experience, that you will enjoy a lot through it. Also, if you want to know how to download this emulator on PC, read this post.

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